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Too Much Noise

Let’s face it, there are too many bands, artists, songs, albums and .mp3’s littering the airwaves. There are millions of alternatives to your music. And only a percentage of those alternatives are any “good.” Doesn’t that make you wonder? If such a large percentage of the music you hear everyday is borderline, what does it take to make it? Why do artists with excellent material struggle to get placements and contracts while artists with lesser talent and ability are passing them by?

Insider Information

There’s a reason why your music isn’t being heard by the right people. It’s the same reason why all the other guys are having success with their careers. They understand the music industry while the struggling musicians, producers, DJs, songwriters and composers either haven’t learned yet or aren’t paying attention. The answers are out there and available to anyone - it's no secret.


Mainstream radio is ruled by corporations that don’t care about your song. It doesn’t matter if you know the DJ, have friends at the station or have the next “big hit” on your hands. It won’t get into rotation without label support and it might not get a single spin. But, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. Radio is only one of dozens of potential ways to have success with your music. And you don’t need rockstar looks and charisma to enjoy success.

Ten Keys to Successful Music

it saves you time

Ten Keys to Successful Music offers a comprehensive view of the ten most important aspects of commercially competitive music. You can search Google for hours and find some of the material yourself but Google doesn't offer focused advice. This eBook starts with the meat. It explains the most important fundamentals you need to know if you plan on having success with your music. Google won't tell you what comes first and it certainly won't filter out the garbage, misinformation and useless cynicism about the industry.


Ten Keys to Successful Music tells you exactly how to make your music stand out in a sea full of alternatives. You can spend years improving your songwriting but until you start focusing on standing out, you won't make much progress. And here's a spoiler: it doesn't matter how "good" your songs are. This eBook illustrates why good songs aren't what fans and music industry professionals are looking for, while telling you exactly what they ARE looking for (regardless of what kind of music you create).

It's For All Musicians

Ten Keys to Successful Music is for songwriters, producers, musicians, bands, composers, recording engineers, DJs and anyone that wants more success for their music. If your goals include broadcasting or distributing your recorded music, this eBook is for you. If you want to make your current songs better, improve your next production, or distribute and sell your live recordings, this eBook is for you.

Included in this eBook

  • 10 fundamental success principles presented in order of importance - it starts with the good stuff. Each chapter covers a unique topic in depth.
  • 20 insider tips that you can apply to any song in any genre - it doesn't matter what kind of music you create.
  • Dozens of thought-provoking questions to ask yourself about your songs and how they stack up to new music that's making itself successful in today's music climate.
  • Solid advice about a successful career with your music.

Connect the Dots

Will expensive recording equipment or a new instrument make your music better?

Shiny new Keyboard - $2,000

Nothing makes you look cooler than a studio full of great gear. But will that new keyboard make your songwriting any better? It might inspire you to write music. But you might just recreate the same pitfalls that your previous material suffers from.

Vintage Craigslist Guitar - $900

If it's good enough for Les Paul then it's good enough for me! Well, that's the same mistake that countless musicians are making. Unless you're in the guitar resale business, it's better to focus on new music and not on recreating your favorite jam from 19 years ago.

Software Crossgrade - $300

It seems like all the other guys are having success with different software and recording equipment. Maybe it's time to switch over to the winning team? Wrong, dead wrong. The other guys are having success with their software because they never switched and eventually mastered what they use. It's not the software it's the mastery.

Magazine Subscription - $50

Unless you choose a very select few magazines, a subscription won't improve your music. For the vast majority, magazines offer lukewarm information based on not upsetting their paying advertisers. Have you noticed that music magazines are looking more and more like gear catalogues? When did a catalogue ever tell you which of its products to avoid?

Ten Keys to Successful Music

Ten Keys to Successful Music - only $9.95

  • Instantly improve your music's marketability
  • Practical, comprehensive advice that saves you time
  • Easy to understand and implement to boost your music's chances of success
  • Applies to all music - it doesn't matter what style you create
  • 10 fundamental ideas - no tedious rules
  • 20 insider tips
  • Dozens of thought provoking questions that can help you become a more successful songwriter, producer, engineer, DJ, composer or musician